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piou piou CLUB

Welcome to the winter playground!

Group lessons from 3 to 5 years old, limited to 8 children.
Learn through play! From 3 years old, your little one will be able to discover skiing while having fun at the Winter Playground in the company of our qualified instructors.

Let the festivities begin:
  • Games and fun activities, technical course, magic carpet, snow ropes ...
  • The first medalist champion: PiouPiou, Blanchot, Sifflote, Garolou or Ourson By the way, all activities are based on your child's age and stamina.
The lift pass is free for children under 6!
Don't forget to put the ski pass in your child's front left pocket. You can collect the ski pass at the ski pass office with documentary proof of age. Note: They don't necessarily stay in the Winter Playground all week!
Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
DATES / times - PiouPiou Club - Group lessons
Christmas : from 19/12/21 to 01/01/2209.00am - 11.30 am2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
January : from 02/01/22 to 05/02/2209.30am - 12.30 pm2.00 pm - 4.30 pm *
Febuary : from 06/02/22 to 05/03/2209.00am - 11.30 am2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
March and Easter : from 06/03/22 to 23/04/2209.30am - 12.30 pm2.00 pm - 4.30 pm *
* Classes are open according to the number of reservations.
Continuous evaluation during the week and validation on Friday.
Christmas and February: lessons last 2h30.
January, March and Easter: morning classes last 3 hours.
After the Ourson level, even for children under 6 years old, please register your child for Flocon.
prices - PiouPiou Club - Group lessons
Medal included
The lessons start on sunday or monday5 JOURS 6 JOURS
Morning - 2h30 lessons - Christmas and Febuary194,00 € 199,00 €
Afternoon * - 2h30 lessons194,00 € 199,00 €
Morning - 3h lessons - January, March and Easter204,00 € 212,00 €
* Afternoon classes are open according to the number of reservations, with a minimum of 4 students enrolled, only during French school holidays
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