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Piou Piou Club


Our lessons for young kids are the perfect way to start skiing, from the age of 3 years old.
Start off on the right ski!
Our instructors are well aware they they may have a future champion in their hands trying out skiing for the very first time, so they take extra special care to ensure that the lessons are fun packed, providing wonderful holiday memories while teaching kids the first moves and reflexes that every skier needs.

Children who have already spent a week in the Snow Garden and have their “Piou Piou” medal should join the “Ourson” group.

Lift passes are free for the under 6, but you should get the magnetic lift pass anyway and put it in your child’s jacket left hand side pocket, children do not necessarily stay in the garden all week.

You should bear in mind that our two and a half hour lessons do not mean that your children spend the whole lesson on their skis, our instructors allow time for games, a snack or a visit to the yurt depending on the weather and of course taking into account the children's ages and how tired they are.

After passing the “Ourson" level, your child should go into “Flocon” lessons, even if they are under 6 years old.

Scroll down to find out more about our Glisse Prestige lessons, small groups of only 6 pupils.

* Piou Piou is the mascot for all ESF kids clubs and is the giant yellow chick you will see in the Snow Garden. Piou Piou literally translates as “cheep -cheep”!


Lessons start on Sunday or Monday
Christmas :  24/12/17 to 06/01/189am to 11.30am - 2pm to 4.30pm          2h30/day
January : 07/01/18 to 10/02/189.30am to 12pm                                       2h30/day
February : 11/02/18 to 10/03/189am to 11.30am - 2.30pm to 5pm          2h30/day
March and Easter : 11/03/18 to 22/04/189.00am to 12pm - 1.30pm to 4.00pm*  3h/day

 " PIOU pIOU CLUB"Tariffs Medal included

Lessons start on Sunday or Monday
6 x Full day (AM+PM)
317,00 €
6 x Afternoons 175,00€ - 189,00€
6 x Mornings179,00 €
5 x Full days (AM+PM)310,00 €
5 x Mornings175,00 € - 189,00€
5 x Afternoons175,00 €

New - Glisse Prestige

group lessons in small groups of only 6!

piou piou or ourson levels
Bespoke lessons where instructors can pay special attention to individual difficulties
The instructor will be in close contact with you all week to keep you updated on your child's progress.

Horaires "Glisse Prestige"

Lessons start on Sundays or Mondays
Christmas :  24/12/17 to 06/01/18 - 2h/day11.45am to 1.45pm
French School Holidays :  11/02/18 to 10/03/18 - 2h30/day11.45am to 2.15pm

"Glisse PRESTIGE"Tariffs  - Medal included

6 lessons - 2h/day Christmas - 2h/30day February
185,00€ - 230,00€
5 lessons - 2h/day Christmas - 2h/30day February
181,00€ - 224,00€