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Our story… In 1937, Georges Blanchon, Emile Allais, Charles Diebold, Paul Gignoux and… Léo Lagrange start to put the French Ski School (big sister of the School of French Ski), centre stage.

It is Georges Blanchon, secretary-general of the French Federation of Ski, who presents the project of the School and of the unique technique at the FFS (Federation of French Ski) congres of October 1937

A second project of Georges Blanchon related to teaching is also unanimously accepted ; it is the school method known as "French School". 

Emile Allais, our world champion, is given the general technique direction of the French School. The instructors lessons are related to this organisation and the instructors now receive a State diploma. The schools instructors, selected among these, are named by a competitive exam. 

However, it is not for all that a monopoly system: consequently, the schools which refuse to become a member of the new organisation can totally pursue their activity, without enjoying the huge propaganda about the "French Ski School". They have the FFS support cut.

On October 15th, the general constituent assembly of the National French Ski School, at the Aix-les-bains casino, in the presence of –no less!– Léo Lagrange, the minister of sports, announces on that occasion, the releasing of 300 000 francs (corresponding to 45 735€), and no small matter, Charles Diebold who established, after the Vosges, the first ski school in Val d’Isère, sees the unification of ski teaching in France as an urgent necessity.

During the Second World War, the ski teaching is still under the protection of the Federation of French Ski. An official regulation, edicted by the Vichy government, fixes, on November 7th 1940, the principles and precepts the instructors must respect.
The ESF today...
From 1945 to now, French Ski Schools went from 200 instructors and 41 schools to 17 000 instructors and 250 offices ; therefore, the instructors number has been multiplied by 85.

The School of French Ski is now the world widest ski school, and gives 2 000 000 pupils more than 800 000 annual tests.