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The Mountains Welcome Everyone

The ESF Monêtier has 9 specially trained instructors able to teach skiers with physical, sensory and learning difficulties, we won't let your disability stop you from hitting the slopes! Lessons are individual and can be booked in advance, you should always call us beforehand so you can have a chat with an instructor who can advise on the best solution for you.

Assistance for skiers with disabilities :
  • Free lift passes for those with an 80% incapacity (you may be asked for a “Disability Card” by the sales staff, French nationals are provided with this)
  • Half price lift passes for “buddys” or assistants
  • Several accommodation options 
  • Tandem rides with experienced instructors who can bring granny up to watch you ski!
Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
PRICES- Handiski
1h3074,00 €419,00 €
2h0098,00 €559,00 €
2h30123,00 €698,00 €
6 lessons start on Sundays or Mondays.

More informations about the equipment

The equipment is managed by the SkiPardiz charity, you have to pay  10€ the membership association to use this equipment. We ask those of you who need equipment for a deposit and a 5€ contribution towards repairs.

  • Piloted Dualski :
this is perfect for those who cannot use the Dualski on their own. The seated skier almost feels they are skiing on their own and it is easy to use for the pilot. The dual ski can be used by a partially or a fully dependant person. Assistants can join one of our courses to learn to pilot the dualski and get official Tessier accreditation.

  • Tandemski :
Widely used in many resorts, the tandem ski allows totally dependent or particularly infirm skiers to enjoy the slopes and the fun of skiing.

  • Kartski :
The kartski is for those who want to learn to ski on their own, with upper body mobility, but not enough strength or experience to use a nuniski or non piloted dualski.
Slide for everyone !