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Safety academy with ortovox

Train yourself to first aid in case of avalanche!

The goal of our SAFETY ACADEMY is to transport dry avalanche theory to the field and allow this knowledge to be solidified there. In this way, we convey vital information about how avalanches occur and provide tips on optimal tour planning, correct behavior on tour, and the perfect rescue method. For each level of knowledge, we offer three different course types with contents perfectly tailored to you, whether you’re a tourer or a freerider.
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PRICES - Safety Academy
December 2019     =>    Saturday 14  &  Saturday 2165.00 €
Janary 2020     =>    Saturday 1865.00 €
February 2020   =>  Saturday 2265.00 €
March 2020     =>      Saturday  21 65.00 €

More informations

  • Overview of equipment, snow and avalanches
  • Equipment, snow and avalanches
  • Essential rules for finding victims
  • Behavior to adopt in case of avalanche
  • Practical training and behavior in the field
  • Use the latest ORTOVOX security equipment
  • Mountain guide's prices
  • Course and organization fees

Contacts     +33(0)4 92 24 42 66      info@esf-monet.com

Learn to save lives !