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Beginner to Class 4.

13 years old and up. Limited to 10 people.
All the ski levels with friendliness! The program is adapted to everyone's level, while technique is combined with pleasure in order to improve and progress towards a better level with the ESF Monêtier ski Intstructors.

Teens and Adults lessons can be mixed to maintain homogenous group levels.
Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
TIMEs - Teens - Group Lessons
Christmas: from 19/12/21 to 01/01/2209.00am - 11.30am02.00pm - 4.30pm
January: from 02/01/22 to 05/02/2209.30am - 12.30pm
February: from 06/02/22 to 05/03/2209.00am - 11.30am02.30pm - 5.00pm
March and Easter: from 06/03/22 to 23/04/2209.30am - 12.30pm
*Classes are opened according to the number of reservations.
Continuous assessment during the week and validation on Friday.
Christmas and February: lessons last 2h30.
January, March and Easter: morning lessons last 3h.
Don't forget to put the Lift Pass in your teen's front left pocket!

Think about our Packs "lessons + Lift Pass" from Beginner to Class 1 levels.
The Lift Pass we sell is a Lift Pass Serre Chevalier, valid all day long.
Be careful, for Beginner level, the Bas de piste Lift Pass (Bottom of the piste) is enough for at least the first 2 days, so if the teen don't ski outside of the lessons, maybe you should not choose our Pack.

To book lessons from Class 2 level, you have to book lessons without Lift Pass.
PRICES - Teens - Group Lessons without Lift Pass
Lessons start on Sunday or Monday
All levels
Morning - 2h30 lessons175.00 € 179.00 €
Afternoon* - 2h30 lessons175.00 € 179.00 €
Day - 2x 2h30 lessons314.00 € 317.00 €
Morning - 3h lessons - January, March and Easter188.00 € 196.00 €
*Afternoon lessons: only during the French School Holidays
For a 12 years old child and up, the Adult price is applied for the Lift Pass
PRICEs - Teens - Group Lessons from Beginner to Class 1 with Lift Pass (and Insurance)
Lessons start on Sunday or Monday
6 Mornings377.00 €396.00 €
6 Afternoons*377.00 €396.00 €
6 Mornings January and March394.00 €413.00 €
*Afternoon lessons: only during the French School Holidays
The "lessons + Lift Pass" Pack is sold for 6 days of lessons, Serre Chevalier Lift Pass, valid all day long.
Improve with your buddies!