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family offer

offer for families of 2 children and 2 ADULTS

If you all book a lesson or an outing with the esf, Half of the lowest priced lesson you chose is free.  

You're coming to Serre-Chevalier Monêtier in a group of 2 children and 2 adults registered to our esf 6 days group lessons? Then half of the lowest priced lesson will be free for you (excluding lift passes). 

For example:
  • 1 children group lesson: 195.00€
  • 1 children kindergarten group lesson: 215.00€
  • 1 adult group lesson: 195.00€
  • 1 adult group lesson: 97.50€ > 50% discount! 
  • Total: 702.50€ (instead of 800.00€!)

Available for 6 consecutive days courses, according to open lessons, alpine, snowboard, freeski, nodric, etc.
Please contact our esf in order to book by phone, our hostess will apply the discount when you make your payment or when you register on your arrival.